• Dol Mela 

Dolmela is organised at the Dol Talab (Pond) in the Baran city from Jaljhulni Akadshi. The main attraction of this day is a big Shobha Yatra (procession) which have about 54 Dev Viman (The Holy Statue Carriers) which is also known as DOL, of all the major temples of the city. In this procession some Akhadas also demonstrates their Kartab (type of physical exercise). The procession started from Shreeji temple comes to the Dol Talab where all the Dev Vimans are worshiped and then these are sent back to the respective temples. This fair is organised for 15 days which is very popular among the local residents as well as the residents from the Rajasthan state. People from adjoining Madhya Pradesh also visit for this fair. This fair is the symbol of communal harmony in the area.

  • Piplod Christmas fair

This fair is organised in the only Church of the Baran district in the village Piplod in Atru tehsil. This fair is organised on 25 December every year. Though this fair is organised near Church but local Hindu Muslim also participate in the fair.

  • Sita Bari Mela

Holy place Sitabri is about 45 km from the Baran city near the Kelwara Kasba. A big tribal fair is organised here on Jeshta Amavasya. The place has number of "Kunds" attributed to Sita, Laxman, Surya, Lav & Kush and taking a holy dip in them is considered auspicious. Lakhs of people come here for this fair which is taken as Kumbh in the Sahariya tribe. The Swyambar (marriage function) of Sahariya tribes is organised in this fair where people comes from all over Rajasthan state and adjoining Madhya Pradesh A Sahariya boy drops the handkerchief for proposing Sahariya girl in the fair, if the Sahariya girl accepts the Handkerchief, it is said that they are agreed for marriage. The bride and grooms take the 7 rounds (sat phere) of the Barnawa tree and after the blessings of their parents they are accepted as married couple. This fair is also called animal fair where good varieties of Cow, Buffalo etc. selling-purchasing are made. It provides an ideal opportunity to view the tribal life style.

  • Phuldol Festival

This is the one of the oldest folk festival of the Rajasthan state. This festival is organised every year in the Kishanganj town on the occasion of Holi festival. The local residents of the town started this festival by the marriage ceremony of the 'Tulsi' plant with the statue of God Charbhujanath in their home for more than 120 years ago. It is the tradition in the families that after the marriage, groom comes to in-laws home with their friends to play Holi. This tradition is followed by the God Charbhujanath and all the residents of Kishanganj town. On the day of Holi-Dulandi, lots of Swang (type of drama) is being played in the town whole day. Some of the famous swangs are Gidh-Rawan-Yudh, Band-Bandi swang etc. In the night big 'Shobhayatra' known as 'PhulDolo' is taken out in the town. Lots of people from nearby places come to witness the festival.

  • Brahmani Mataji Mela

This fair is organised in the old fort near Sorsan about 20 km from Baran. This is the only Donkey fair in the Hadoti region. Brahmani Mataji temple is in this fort. This fair is organised in Magh-Shukla-Saptmi. Other animals are also brought for selling-purchasing in this fair but mostly Donkey & Kachhar are sold and purchased in the fair.